Due to changing business requirements and a drive towards flexible / robust solutions Beta Electronics has found that a full fulfillment service can add extensive efficiencies to all.

Fulfillment can be based upon a simple build to order (BTO) model that allows the client to place a bulk order with a pull process to manage build and shipment volumes. On a more extreme and complex level the client and Beta can run a assembly to order (ATO) system in which sub-assemblies are built , stocked and only configured upon demand.

The successful use of fulfillment or pull systems can be a corner stone to cost effective order management.Beta Electronics ability to supply repeatable and dependable  assembly solutions allows our clients to focus of demand and order generation.

Beta Electronics have extensive experience in assisting clients to choose the best method of fulfillment that suits their needs.

By nature of our location , near to both Dublin Airport and Dublin docks , Beta Electronics can take advantage of excellent logistical networks. Shipments can be collected on a daily basis or dispatched on batch basis as the clients needs demand.

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