As all design and engineering specialists will acknowledge the majority of the cost structure of a product is identified and designed into a product prior to proto-type.

It is a key function of outsourced assembly service providers to feed back into the design and engineering functions both acceptable practice and developing processes.

We at Beta Electronics are able to bring to the design cycle important and relevant support at both component and process selection.With our extensive experience Beta Electronics are able to bring valued Design For Manufacturing and Test (DTM&F)

Many of our clients will engage Beta at the design stage to ensure that the processes required in product realisation are both relevant , repeatable and cost effective for both the product but also the expected volumes of supply.

Some of the services that our clients see added value in at the design stage are :

  • Design Rules checks against IPC standards.
  • PCB Layout checks.
  • Design for Test advice.
  • Component selection and supply chain input.
  • Production process optimisation.
  • Input into CE approvals and reliability testing.

The above are not limited to the extent of added value that Beta Electronics can give but by way of an example.

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