Beta Electronics wide and varied experience has enabled us to develop an understanding and flexibility of services and solutions to meet the many different client needs and exceptions.

Core to our business process development is the ability and desire to develop an seamless integration into our clients product realization strategy.

Our diverse clients have identified key performance criteria and we work as a team to establish the best fit and practice to fulfill the unique demands required.

Clients have chosen to outsource to Beta Electronics for many reasons (some shown below)

  • Research and Development support.
  • Access to technological solutions to production requirements.
  • Management of demand / resource conflict.
  • Cost reduction (replacement of in house cost).
  • Decreased Time to market.
  • To allow you to focus on your core competencies.
  • Entrance into specific geographic markets.
  • Access to worldwide sourcing.
  • Location of manufacturing site.
  • Reduced Inventory complexity and cost. 

Beta Electronics have a proven history and record of supplying reliable assembly solutions to allow clients to focus their resources into key areas and to have a dependable and focus production facility on hand.

The services can be from discreet single sided PCA (Printed Circuit Assembly ) through to complex multi PCA systems build with both function test and world wide end client supply.

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